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What makes Tamara so successful is her pedagogical talents, good understanding of chess playing and theory, and, most of all, her love for children. I can definitely recommend her as a wonderful trainer for both beginners and advanced players. Boris Gelfand

Tamara Golovey
USCF 2322
30 years of experience in chess teaching
Triple Chess Champion of Belarus
Multiple Finalist (8 times) of the USSR Championships
Honored Coach of Belarus
International Arbiter

Tamara Golovey was Arbiter of World Championship among women (1988), Chief Arbiter of many international tournaments.Tamara shared the third place with Albert Chow (IM) in Open Chess Tournament Illinois-2000 and the fourth in Illinois-2001among men. She is a personal coach of many prominent chess players, among them:

  • Boris Gelfand, International Grandmaster, double Olympic Champion, ranked by the third in world in 1991
  • Yurij Shulman, International Grandmaster, Champion of the Texas State, European Champion under 20
  • Yulia Levitan, International Master, a member of the Olympic team of the USA of 1992
  • Valery Atlas, Bronze Olympic Medallist in 1994.

Leonid Bondar
Leonid Bondar is an International Arbiter
Former head of the Chess Department of the National Academy of Physical Education and Sports of Belarus for 15 years.

In the USA Leonid Bondar successfully participated in a lot of championships and tournaments in Illinois and the other states. In May 2000 he won the title of the Champion of the Russian-speaking Chicago.

In 2000 the team under the head of Leonid won the Cup of Illinois in the Amateur Teams' Championship. In the USA he worked as Chess Coach in the Palace of Sport of Buffalo Grove. He has also organized and held many children tournaments in Chicago which attract a lot of participants. Many of his students are successfully playing in school and state tournaments.

Last four years, together with Tamara Golovey, Master of Sport, Leonid has run the Chess Rubric in Reklama, the newspaper issued in Russian. All the most important chess events, and also the most interesting parties with their commentaries are highlighted there. He also collaborated with the journal Illinois Chess Bulletin where he published his Memorable Meetings with Garry Kasparov, The Phenomenon of Paul Murphy, and Fisher as Enigma of XXth Century (v.27, issue 4, July/August, 2004).

Leonid Bondar is the author of the chess monographies Strategy, Tactics, and Style, Chess Semesters, and Memorials by Sokolsky.

His former students are:
  • Boris Gelfand, multiple participant of the pretending cycles for the title of the World Champion
  • Ilya Smirin, the winner of New-York
  • Alexander Rustemov, the winner the Championships of Moscow
  • Yury Shulman, the Champion of Texas

Mila Finkelshtein
(847) 847-207-2819
20+ years of experience in chess teaching
First Place in College Chess Championship of Belarus
Multiple Finalist of the USSR College Championships
Founding Director and Arbiter, Chess School for Youth Belarus
K&Q Founding Member and Leading Coach, Chicago

Mila Finkelshtein was Chief Arbiter of many USSR Scholastic Championships (1979 ? 1988). Mila shared her knowledge and love for chess with UIC Chess Programs participants, organizing and leading many special events and workshops (1992-1995). She is the Founding Member of the Kings & Queens Chess Club offering her expertise and enthusiasm as she creates programs for local schools and K & Q tournaments and chess camps. She is a first coach of many prominent chess players, among them:

  • Yury Shulman, the Champion of Texas

Lana Pritzker
(847) 414-3730
Lana (Svetlana) Pritzker is Kings & Queens
She has been with the club from its beginning in 1989

Lana has a Master Degree in Education, Instructional Leadership and Management from the University of Illinois
and a Bachelor in Psychology and Methodology of Education from Borisoglebsk Pedagogical Institute.

Lana is passionate about helping people create a stress free, yet exciting life. She is a Certified Life Coach who provides her clients with a structure and the tools for re-energizing their relationships and environments, so they can enjoy the unlimited opportunities life has to offer at any stage of their life.

Lana works with WaveMaker - a remarkable cutting edge technology that removes deep rooted self-limiting beliefs, negative feelings and destructive energy patterns from the body and mind, setting your spirit free.

Lana can coach you to improve your Game by upgrading your emotional stability and focus at a light speed!
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