Kings and Queens Chess Club

Boris Gelfand

Junior Champion of the Soviet Union at 17 and European Junior Champion two years later, Boris Gelfand has been a regular member of the elite top-twenty club that crowd the rosters of the world's most renowned tournaments ever since he came of age and gained the grandmaster title in 1989. He has won about 30 tornaments in his professional life including toutnaments at Wijk Aan Zee, Biel, Dos Hermans, Polanica Zdroj, Astana, and in Belgrad and Moscow.

After he exchanged his native Belarus for Israel, he has been the star of his adoptive country's national team, who took fifth place in the Istanbul Chess Olympiad last year with Gelfand scoring 7/11 for a TPR of 2747 at the first board.

In the course of a career spanning some fifteen years, there are few tournaments where he has not laid claim on a major share of the prize fund. Among his best achievements are two victories at Wijk Aan Zee (in 1992 and 1994) and the first places in Biel (1993), Dos Hermanas (1994), Belgrade (1995), Tilburg (1996) and Malmb (1999).

This summer, Gelfand's 'special brand of muscle chess,' as Larry Christiansen once aptly termed it, earned him a second place in the Vidmar Memorial at Portoroz, with 6/9 just a half point behind the winner, Alexander Beliavsky, but in the Biel double round-robin one month later, he got no further than third place with a disappointing 5/10. Gelfand is especially adept at rapid chess, as he proved once again at the Monaco Amber Blindfold and Rapid Invitational earlier this year, when he finished fifth overall but was first in the rapid-play section.

Julia Levitan

Julia Levitan is an International Women Master. Started playing chess when was she was 5 years old. Came to USA in May 1991, two weeks shy of 18th birthday.
Julia was a member of national teems for both the Soviet Union and United States; 4-6 place in 1990 Girls World Championship Under 18; member of the 1992 United States Chess Olympic Team, where was called unofficial "Miss Olympics"; in 1993 first girl to play in American Invitational Under 21 Championship; in the top 10 world rating for Girls under 21 in 1990-1994; won many games against grandmasters, both male and female; retired from chess in 1996

Yuri Shulman

Federation: United States of America
FIDE title: Grand Master
Current rating: 2638
Number of games from 1991 to 2004: 145

Yuri Shulman was born in Belarus (former USSR) in 1975. In 1994 he became an International Master and the Champion of Belarus. One year later Shulman became the European Junior Champion. With Belarus team he participated in three Chess Olympiads, in Moscow (1994), Erevan(1996), and Elista(1998). Also he was delegated as a member of the European Team to Championship in Pula (1997). He helped Susan Polgar to prepare for her World Championship (she played against Xie Jun).

During last few years, Yuri Shulman wan the U.S. National Open in Las Vegas (1-13 places), the Governor’s Cup in Sioux Falls (SD) in 2000 and 2001; World Open in 2001, the Koltanowski Memorial in San Francisco in 2000, and American Open in 2002. As a Captain of the UTD team he won in the Pan American Games.