Kings and Queens Chess Club


Member of our club Eric Rosen was earning National Master Title in the 110th United State Open Chess Championship. He collected 6,5 from 9 and tied for first in the Expert
Boris Gelfand tied second place with Vladimir Kramnik in World Chess Championchip 2007 (Mexico). He is a leader of Israel team who won Silver Medals on Chess Olympiad in Germany (2008).

Yury Shulman won US Chess Championship on May 2008. He took first place in the 9th Montreal International Chess Tournament (August 24-September 2).
Shulman is a member of US Menís Team who won Bronze Medals on Chess Olympiad in Germany ( 2008).

Five Kings and Queens primary school chess enthusiasts claimed a decisive first place victory in the annual National Youth Action Chess Tournament held recently in Atlanta, Georgia.

The five players - Scott Drier (Wilmete), Gavin and Bryce McClanahan (Glenview), Eddie McDougal (Northfield) and Gurveer Singh (Palatine) are members of the Kings and Queens Chess Team of Glenview. The local Kindergarten through 3rd grade team won a total of 25.5 points, giving them a big 3.5 point win over their nearest rivals.

428 children, including some of the top-rated junior chess players in the country, participated in the national tournament which was held in Atlanta November 18-20th. The tournament consisted of 9 strenuous rounds of chess over a two day period with players allowed 30 minutes per game to complete all their moves.

One of the Kings and Queens founder, Tamara Golovey has been training chess champions all her life. Before coming to the U.S. five years ago from Belarus in the former Soviet Union, Tamara, and fellow teachers Leonid Bondar and Mila Finkelstein were the first chess coaches to train Yuri Shulman (winner of the 2001 World Chess Open) and Boris Gelfand (formerly rated 3rd in the world next to Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov) when these grandmasters were youngsters at the Academy of Sport in Minsk. Grandmaster Shulman's first chess lesson was in January, 1982, with Mrs. Golovey.

All members of the team have been playing scholastic chess for more than two years, have participated in Kings and Queens lessons and chess camps, and have all claimed first place victories in previous Illinois state scholastic chess tournaments. The team members have become fast friends, often seen playing blitz chess or soccer together between tournament rounds.

Photo of team members and other local winners at the Atlanta tournament left to right:

Scott Drier (3rd grade, 6th place K-3)
Bryce McClanahan (1st grade, 22nd place K-3 and top 1st grader)
Gurveer Singh (2nd grade, 8th place K-3)
Johnathan Kogen (did not attend)
Eddie McDougal (3rd grade, 23rd place K-3)
Shiny Kallr (8th grade, 21st place K-9)
Gavin McClanahan (3rd grade, 9th place K-3)
Alexander Malecki (6th grade, 15th place K-6)

Scott Drier