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Balance Your Emotions... For Good!

with Lana Pritzker, K&Q Chess Club Administrator,

Certified Human Software Engineer and Life Coach

Is feeling anxious or upset part of your chess game?

How often do you feel angry, hopeless, frustrated

when loosing a game?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

    • Eliminate energy of negative conditioning and stop problems in your life
    • Manifest Your Desires into Reality
    • Live with total Integrity

"has been freed from the false self system and who is thus enabled to co-create the cosmos together with God" Tomas Keating

You?d be able to identify and overcome your own internal barriers to balanced and successful life. As outrageous as it may sound, you can wipe out the patterns of energy and information of the conditioning that makes you feel exhausted, fearful of success, frustrated and that holds you back as easily dragging unwanted files to the recycle bin on your computer.

You?ll stop judging yourself and others.
You?ll stop trying to control that is beyond your control anyway.
Your tendency to feel overwhelmed and over-committed will dissolve.

When these inner objections are gone, living becomes a natural and enjoyable process, and your results will speak for themselves. You?ll have...

  • More money!
  • More fun!
  • More internal ease and comfort with all aspects of your life

This profound change in your energy field makes a difference in how you feel about yourself and the world around you. It shifts you into a totally new reality where you magically transformed from Human Doing into Human Being.

A unique combination of understanding Human Design and use Human Software Engineering will:

   Help you to be aware of and manage the pressure you are under
   Show you how to be aware of overdoing it and how to manage your energy more effectively
   Help you know how to be truthful with others even when it means rocking the boat and upsetting the other person
   Explain why you have been trying to prove yourself to the world and help you stop this behavior
   Teach you wait for clarity and allow others to answer their own questions and stop your mental pressure of trying to have all the answers

This unique session based on Human Software concepts and technologies helps you remove the patterns of energy containing all negative conditioning that causes this discomfort s from all aspects of your chess game and your life.

It allows you to identify what keeps you from winning the game or gracefully accepting the results whatever they may be and let go of what keeps you from Manifest ing Your Desires into Reality.

Designed for Extraordinary Improvement of Emotional Stability,

this program will help you become a better player and a calmer, more balanced person. These sessions are highly recommended for parents.

It helps them resolve tension and stay present to any situation without

feeling overwhelmed.

Enjoy your children Chess progress, growth and development!

Time and place:

Please call Lana to schedule your session: 847.414.3730

2379 Castilian Cir, Northbrook, Il 60062

You may obtain further information at or by sending an E-mail: