Kings and Queens Chess Club
Kings & Queens Chess Club
Building your mind, increasing your ability to focus and solve problems

Educators around the world acknowledge that chess is a powerful tool for developing higher order thinking skills, creativity, numerical and verbal aptitudes, and memory

Kings & Queens Chess Club program helps children to build character and strengthen and incorporate important moral values such as Courage, Perseverance, and Honoring others Starting with 20 chess players in 1989, today our club serves about 70 children in our Sunday and Wednesday classes every week as well as providing chess instructions to hundreds of students at numerous school sites and organizing Fall, Spring and Summer chess camps and Chess tournament (Scholastic and Quick Chess).
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Our Mission
  • To employ the benefits of chess for achieving better results in other disciplines taught in regular classrooms
  • To teach the art and science of chess to its students by providing them with expert instruction
  • To organize opportunities for improving students chess and interpersonal skills.These opportunities include, but are not limited to, participation in tournaments, matches, camps, exhibitions, tours, and access to lectures, newsletters, magazines, books, and classes
  • To promote a team spirit and to create a winning team
  • To help youth develop a widespread interest and competence in the playing of chess that can capture many children's imaginations, free time and wild energy!
  • To provide an opportunity to Checkmate drugs, social misconduct and violence
Join our success!
We welcome clubs, teams, families and individual players as we strive to build and strengthen our Chess community through mutual learning and support.


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